Jerry’s Caring Hands,is a specialized Home health care Staffing agency that provides services to the elderly and disable population at the comfort of their homes.

  • --Donna from Perry Hall, Maryland --

      “Jerry’s Caring Hands has the best caregivers. I have never met more caring people. I was asked what do you expect from us when we first met Jerry. I replied, I want you to take care of my sons the way I would take care of them, and do they ever. They show patience. They listen to their needs and show them the utmost respect. They are kind and gentle. They go out of their way to help them in whatever they need. I had 2 sons that were disabled and my middle son, passed away. The owner and his two caregivers were there with us. His one caregiver came to our home after the funeral to see how our family was doing. I cannot praise them enough for all they have done for our family. Each handicapp person has their own needs and not many caregivers do it to the client’s satisfaction. They do it the way you do things in general. Not Jerry’s caregivers, they do things the way my sons were use to doing things. They adapted to their needs. When you change any way to care for them, they have a hard time changing. We have the utmost trust with them when I have to leave them home with them. They never leave their sides and they go above and beyond to make sure they give them the best care. They give peace of mind to know they are being cared for the way I would do it. Very rarely do they call out. Mostly, if it is an emergency, but even then, they make sure their client is being cared for. They have worked 7 days straight without a day off to make sure my son was taken care of. The name of the agency sure is a true statement. Jerry’s Caring Hands! I recommend Jerry’s Caring Hands and we are blessed to have them take care of our sons.”

  • -- Valerie, Essex. MD--

      “Debbie, your RN, was just here to check on my father-in-law. We were so glad to see her as we had some questions and concerns. She was very thorough in checking over Dennis and in talking to us and addressing our concerns. As she was leaving, I felt so much better that Debbie came to our home and made sure that Dennis was doing well. I tend to worry about things and she relieved my fears. It’s good to know that she makes that monthly visit.” “I just felt that I had to write to express our appreciation for your services. You have such professional, caring and good people working for your company. So thankful that you are one of the providers that the VA employs. We are very happy with your services.” “Thank you so much,”

  • --Pamela, Baltimore, MD--

      I found your aides professional, compassionate and dedicated. I highly recommend Jerry’s Caring Hands. What Peace of Mind!”