Physical Therapy

Jerry’s Caring Hands,is a specialized Home health care Staffing agency that provides services to the elderly and disable population at the comfort of their homes.

What to Expect from Our Physical Therapy Service

Jerry’s Caring Hands provides comprehensive physical therapy including active and passive Range of Motion exercises to improve mobility and develop capabilities. All therapeutic programs are administered by certified professional Therapists.

  • Physical Therapy

    • Fall Risk Assessment
    • Comprehensive neurological and musculoskeletal evaluation
    • Functionally based rehabilitation programs
    • ADL,Gait,and Assistive device instruction
    • Post-operative care for individuals undergoing orthopedic procedures
    • Tubing and Band resistance
    • Free weight and Stacked weight machines
    • Comprehensive spine related pain management and rehabilitation
    • Core Stabilization and Therapeutic Ball
    • Care for Strains,Sprains and other general bone,joint and soft tissue conditions