Skilled Nursing (RN/LPN)

Jerry’s Caring Hands,is a specialized Home health care Staffing agency that provides services to the elderly and disable population at the comfort of their homes.

What to expect from our Skilled Nursing (RN/LPN) service

Our nurses will administer nursing care procedures through a registered nurse or a nursing assistant under the supervision of a Registered Nurse:

  • Skilled Nursing

    • IV therapy
    • Vacuum Assisted Closure (VAC) for Wounds
    • Medication Instruction and Management
    • Colostomy Care
    • Wound Care and Sterile Dressing Changes
    • Surgical Aftercare
    • Patient Education
    • Care for COPD Patients
    • Catheter Care and Management
    • Rehabilitative Therapy
    • Pain Relief/Pain Management
    • G.I.Tube Feeding Management
    • Oncology Care
    • Fall Risk Reduction Training
    • Incontinence Management
    • Administering Injections